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Knitted & Weaved Netting
Shade Netting

Specifically designed and manufactured for agricultural purpose to reduce radiation and to adjust temperature fitting the crop's needs. Shade netting is manufactured by using the best plastic granules to ensure that the product meet our quality standard. Lightweight and long-lasting help decrease the cost of green house construction.

Agriculture Netting

Agriculture netting is essential in agriculture as it serves a wide range of purposes. It helps protect crops from insects by using anti-insect mesh and aids in the efficient drying of rice through the use of specialized rice drying baskets.

Knitted Netting

Durable and flexible structure, knitted netting's function varies from keeping you away from getting hit by falling object, to keep the fish in the floating basket.

Leo Net_JPEG 079.jpg
White Netting

White net is made from Grade A plastic products mixed with high-quality UV protection. This makes it tough, durable, and resistant to breakage. It is great for building greenhouses to protect crops from insects and pests, and for growing organic vegetables. It can also be used to surround stables or applied in other fields.

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