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Hexagonal Netting

Our hexagonal netting is widely used in farms and gardens for grass or animal land fencing. It serves as a reliable barrier to enclose areas and ensure the safety of animals. Additionally, hexagonal netting provides essential structural support for climbing plants and flowers. It is reasonably resistant to corrosion, making it a suitable alternative to metal netting in certain situations.

Square Netting

Square netting is known for its toughness and strength, making it an ideal choice for various applications. It can be used as a stable fence, providing reliable containment for animals. Additionally, it is suitable for creating cages for animals. Moreover, square netting can be utilized for vertical gardening, allowing plants to be grown along fences or walls of houses. Its versatility and durability make it a practical solution for a range of needs.

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Square Netting (Anti-bird mesh)

Square netting, also known as anti-bird mesh, is frequently used in greenhouse and cultivation farms. It serves as an effective barrier to keep birds away from crops and plants. Additionally, it can be utilized as a fence for small animals, preventing them from entering restricted areas. With its high tensile resistance, our square netting ensures that you won't have to chase down those animals, providing reliable protection for your crops and plants.

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Protective Mesh

Protective mesh is known for its toughness and tenacity. It is primarily used to cover the surfaces of gas tanks and jars. During product transportation, it is widely utilized to prevent scratches and unwanted damages. The protective mesh provides a reliable barrier, ensuring the safety and integrity of the transported items.

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Silkworm Mesh

Silkworm Mesh is a high-quality product that has high strength and durability. It is specifically designed for silk nesting, providing a reliable and protective environment for silkworms. Our silkworm Mesh ensures an optimal conditions for silk production.

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